As a legendary warrior, you have to defeat one of the great Giants to prove your strength !


  • Use the left/right arrows to dodge the Giant's attack.
  • When you have reach him, use the up arrow to FINISH HIM !




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art is great. some stuff I think needs work:

1. kinda throws you straight into it. I thought it was a cut scene at first. would be good to see controls pop up before that

2. re-spawn system is a bit annoying. If you get hit you immediately go to a seperate screen, and then after pressing a you get a total of 0 time to breathe before you are made to dodge the attacks. I died a lot in the opening moments just because you get no time to breathe at all.

3. Its really hard to tell where the attacks are and if you are going to hit them.

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if the game don't open follow this steps

1:open the .EXE with WinRAR

2:open the options file and edit it

3:change the CreateTexturesOnDemand=1 to CreateTexturesOnDemand=0

4:enjoy! :D

hi Ironlizard send ur skype name and yes i want help with my games, the pixel art thing u asked for

seems good

downloading it